The EXECUTIVE Committee



Dr. Arvin Roxas De La Cruz

Chief, PUP GS Research and Extension Office

On behalf of the International Conference on Humanities, Education, Sciences, Management, Engineering, and Technology (ICHESMET) 2021 organizing team. It is my honor to welcome you to ICHESMET 2021 to be held on the 25th – 27th day of November 2021 via Virtual Session with this year's theme entitled “Accelerating Research for a Resilient and Sustainable Global Community in the midst of the Pandemic”.

As we embarked on the eureka of this ICHESMET, as it celebrates the 1st Virtual International Conference this 2021, It showcases and opens an infinite possibility in millennial technology together with the changes from Intelligence Quotient (IQ) only to an IQ with Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Social Quotient (SQ). These define the Society 5.0, Industry Revolution 4.0 and Education 4.0 relate to the fast change world we live in. And together with this will make a resilient and sustainable world to live in respecting a diversified culture.

We would like to thank you all for participating in different Webinars, Research Presentations, and Exhibit posters.

Thank You for being part of this momentous event. Thank you and Good Day to All!



Engr. Pedrito M. Tenerife Jr.

The global pandemic has changed the course of modern life for every citizen of the world. With the social and economic disruption experienced by people, the need to mitigate the threats it posted to our social systems particularly to livelihood, food security and health condition must be addressed by providing sustainable solutions to augment our people’s recent situation. This is now where research is not just needed but is expected to provide a concrete output in an accelerated passion. Research is a catalyst that endow us with definite measures by comprehensively understanding problems, processing information and data and analyzing them to come up with answers from which government policies will be anchored, business decisions will be formed, and the social well-being of people will be ensured. The significance of research was established time and again, to see the nation through this crisis.

Since the role of the academe is to conduct relevant researches in our respective field of discipline with the end of contributing to our nation’s progress, this conference is a relevant arena where we could manifests the value of our research to develop a framework that adapts means by which people, institution and organizations can be prepared to cope to drastic changes brought by the pandemic and present varied ways which lessen people’s vulnerabilities, enhance economic and social recovery and generate a culture of preparedness and resourcefulness as a long time goal. As academicians, let us help contribute to the world’s effort of rebuilding the global community from the damaging effect of COVID-19. Together, we can rebuild a resilient global community through research.



Engr. Joselinda M. Golpeo

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for participating in ICHESMET 2021.

With this year’s theme “Accelerating Research for a Resilient and Sustainable Global Community in the midst of the Pandemic, truly, the commitment of ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting life long learning opportunities is highly visible and possible despite the threat of the Corona Virus. Despite the new normal that we are experiencing now, webinar sessions such as this can be used to convey information, create a venue for learning new things, and interactivity between people of different nationalities and cultures.

ICHESMET also promotes cultural exchange that may result in collaboration and linkage between the academe industry and government, nationally and internationally. This event also allows presenters to share documents of all kinds including but not limited to voice notes, videos, presentations, and other clips in order to engage and educate our audiences. With our indefatigable and respected line-up of guest speakers and experts from the fields of Humanities, Education, Sciences, Management, Engineering, and Technology, we fervently hope that our participants will enjoy this three-day webinar and research colloquium.

Kudos to the organizers, participants, collaborators, and sponsors. Mabuhay!



Dr. Philip Ermita

As part of the organizing committee, I am delighted to inform and invite everyone to the ICHESMET 2021. I believe that the organizing committee have chosen a virtual venue that guarantees a successful technical conference with different tracks among different area of discipline and specialization. Definitely, we will be having an exciting program in the virtual conference that will allow members to accelerate research and extend our network, share expertise and jointly explore current and future research directions for a resilient and sustainable global community in the midst of pandemic. Looking forward to seeing you all and stake each other’s minds in this virtual conference.